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The SecuraSpan™ I-Beam Stanchion and Bases are lightweight and extremely easy to install engineered fall protection systems, ideal for steel construction applications. Spans can be up to 60 ft and with the optional “bypass” brackets, the system can be configured to run indefinitely for ultimate jobsite flexibility.  All adjustments made from top of beam. Fits flanges 6” to 12” wide, 2-1/4” thick. Optional bases for 18”, 24” and 36” widths.

Extremely Lightweight and Portable - Provides fast and easy handling, installation and storage for maximum worker productivity.

Single and Multi-Span Flexibility
- Provides complete customization of your system depending upon the clearance below the work area and overall length needed.

Pass-Thru 100% Tie-Off Protection - The multi-span intermediate provides bypass capabilities for continuous connection, complete horizontal mobility and 100% protection.

Integrated Energy Absorber - Zorbit™ energy absorber limits fall arrest forces on the worker to safe levels, minimizes fall clearance needed and protects the structure.

Flexible System Capacity - System capacity of 2 workers per span, with a maximum of 6 workers on multi-span systems provides added jobsite flexibility.

Durable Construction - Extremely rugged zinc plated carbon steel construction provides corrosion resistance for longer service life.

Available Models:

SecuraSpan™ I-Beam System:

  • 7400420: 20 ft. Complete
  • 7400430: 30 ft. Complete
  • 7400440: 40 ft. Complete
  • 7400450: 50 ft. Complete
  • 7400460: 60 ft. Complete
  • 7400047: Stanchion with I-Beam Base
  • 7400052: I-Beam Base Only
  • 7400008: Intermediate Bypass Bracket Kit

Fast, Easy & Safe Installation

  • Single clamp and wing nut design
  • All adjustments made from top of beam
  • Fits flanges 6” to 12” wide, 2-1/4” thick
  • Optional bases for 18”, 24” and 36” widths

Related Products:
7403020: SecuraSpan™ 20 ft. Cable Lifeline Assembly

For all systems listed above. NOTE:  Lifeline assemblies are available in 10 ft increments up to 330 ft., the last three digits in the part number designate length (ex. 7403150 is a 150 ft. cable lifeline assembly)

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