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A Versatile, Simple and Safe Concrete Anchor Utilizing Pre-Installed Sockets Enables the User to Connect and Disconnect from the Anchorage by Simply Pressing a Button.

Complete Versatility and Flexibility
For added versatility, the Concrete Detent Anchor can be used for floor, wall or ceiling type applications. This placement flexibility allows sockets to be installed in various locations providing convenient tie-off points wherever the user needs them. It is ideal for general concrete construction or existing structures requiring regular inspection and maintenance. It incorporates detent push-button operation boosting productivity by providing immediate anchor installation and removal. This allows the user to take the detent pin from one location to another quickly and easily for added versatility. The socket also includes a cover cap to ensure the recess is not visible during non-operation, blending right into the decor.

Extremely Easy Installation and Removal
The Concrete Detent Anchor provides a fast, simple and safe 5,000 lb. (22 kN) rated anchorage by simply inserting the anchor pin into pre-installed sockets previously set into concrete. Simply drill a 4.25 (10.8cm) deep hole with 7/8 bit (22mm) and inject adhesive, then utilize an allen wrench to thread socket into the hole. Once the adhesive has had time to set and cure, simple one handed operation allows the user to quickly and safely attach before working at height. The press button detent style pin enables the pin to plug into the socket. Simply releasing the button locks the pin in place allowing the user to work safely. To remove, depress the button once again and disconnect from the socket and your ready to move to another location. Refer to instruction manual for complete details.

Anchorage Requirements
Select a location on a suitable strength anchorage surface that will provide overall safety and proper loading. The concrete must have a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi (2,685 kPa). The concrete base material must be at least 7.5 (19cm) thick and the mounting hole location from the edge is dependent upon the concrete thickness and width. Refer to instruction manual for  details.

Weight: Detent Pin = 8.8 oz (0.25kg)
Detent Socket = 5.6 oz (0.16kg)
Material: 316 stainless steel
Capacity: 1 user, 310 lbs. 141kg)
Minimum Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs. (22kN)
Standards: Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI

Concrete Detent Anchor Models:
2101004: Concrete Detent Anchor Assembly, with Detent Pin, Socket and Cap
2101002: Concrete Detent Pin Only
2101000: Concrete Detent Socket an Cap Only

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