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The Sure-Rail Horizontal Lifeline is a rigid rail system typically used in areas with limited clearance below the working surface. The system consists of galvanized steel 1/2 x 2" x 10' rail sections, an aluminum rail trolley with stainless steel wheels, end stops and various mounting hardware.  The rails are anchored to a supporting structure, while the trolley provides a mobile connection point for the user.  The system is available in many standard configurations, but can be customized to fit your application.  In addition the Sure-Rail system provides:

  • Ease of movement (smooth trolley action).

  • Little or no deflection in the rail limits fall distance and fall arrest forces on the body.

  • Even distribution of fall arrest forces to the structure.

  • A twin track configuration allows users to bypass each other without having to disconnect and re-connect.

  • Spring loaded end-stops for easy insertion/removal of the trolley.

  • Aluminum trolley with stainless steel wheels.

  • Bent rails available for travel around corners.

  • Support for up to four people simultaneously. (Additional capacity can be added).

  • Meets all applicable OSHA regulations.


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