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  • Unique stretchable design expands to 6 feet and retracts to 4-1/2 feet adjusting to your movements
  • Provides freedom of movement and stays out of the worker’s way reducing trip fall hazards
  • Carabiner has a 5,000 lb. capacity from any direction including the gate making it ideal for tie-back use
  • Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector, reducing inventory and cost
  • Heavy-duty abrasion resistant tubular webbing provides added durability and safety for tying back
  • Impact indicator provides instant status of lanyard making inspection quick and easy
  • For job site flexibility, the lanyard is available in single and double leg 100% tie-off configurations
  • Meets ANSI Z359.1 2007 and OSHA 1926 standards

The Shockwave2™ Tie-Back is available in single or double leg 100% tie-off styles for added job site flexibility. Both styles are i-Safe™ enabled and meet OSHA and the stringent ANSI Z359.1 2007 standard. A unique impact indicator provides the user with visual proof the lanyard has been involved in a fall and must be removed from service. This provides safe, simple and reliable inspection.

Every DBI-SALA lanyard combines super strength and ease of use without sacrificing safety. All lanyard hardware is proof tested to meet or exceed industry standards before you even get it. Standard on all DBI-SALA lanyards are our patented, user-friendly self locking snap hooks. They allow you to open and close the hook even with gloves on without getting your thumb or fingers in the way, they're industry prefered!

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